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What can you do?

Pray Daily for an end to abortion, for women tempted to have abortions, for doctors and nurses, for legislators, for clergy, for those who work in the pro-life movement, and for those who do not realize how wrong abortion is. Form pro-life prayer teams or prayer groups in homes or parishes. “Spiritually adopt” an unborn child, praying for him/her throughout a nine-month period. Perform acts of fasting and self-denial.

Read! Be more informed about abortion from such books as Abortion: Questions and Answers, by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke (Available from Pro-life, tel. 021-552 3850 along with other resources)

Wear the “Precious Feet” pin, which shows the baby’s feet at 10 weeks after conception. (Available from Pro-Life)

Take part in activities such as Life Chains, prayer vigils, literature distribution, pickets, and sidewalk counselling. If these activities are not already happening in your area, think of initiating them.

Send letters or articles to newspapers, to your elected officials, and other persons, institutions, and publications regarding respect for life. Have a group of people willing to sign letters that others write.

Speak up with courage and charity in defence of pre-born babies.

Encourage your priest, minister, or rabbi, to speak out against abortion.

Find out your doctor’s position on abortion. If he/she does abortions, express your disapproval and switch to a pro-life doctor. If a hospital near you does abortions, express your disapproval and use another hospital. Provide your doctor with pro-life literature.

Find out whether candidates running for public office support abortion, and tell others. Inform public office bearers about your opposition to their stand on abortion. Become involved, as citizens, in political campaigns. Vote in such a way that will advance the protection of life.

Leave pro-life literature wherever you can: in public places, libraries, clinics, hospitals, as inserts in the mail you send, on cars, etc. Give literature to friends. Include it in cards you send for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions.

Donate pro-life books to your local libraries, schools, colleges, and Churches. Request such books at your libraries and bookstores.

Spread the word that forgiveness, healing, counselling, and support groups are available for women and men who have been wounded by abortion. Call Africa Cares for Life at 031-903 6093 for your nearest Centre.

Get on the mailing list of pro-life organizations. Donate to them. Volunteer for them.

Publicize and attend pro-life events that groups are holding.

Help to counsel women who are tempted to have abortions. (Inquire at your local Crisis Pregnancy Centre.)

Support a local Crisis Pregnancy Centre with donations of baby/ maternity clothes and other needed items. Help to collect such items. If there is not a centre near you, help to start one

Conduct fundraising efforts for pro-life groups: car-washes, cake-sales, raffles, dinners, etc.!

Establish a memorial stone to the preborn in a local cemetery or on Church grounds.

Call in to radio and TV talk shows, and ask questions of the pro-life speakers so as to give them more chance to talk.

Use the Internet to spread the message. Put a pro-life signature on your emails. Send pro-life messages to your email lists. Visit and learn from pro-life websites. Start a pro-life website.

If you have other ideas, don’t keep them to yourself! And if you feel you can’t do them, pass them along to those who can!


  • Jun 20th 201009:06
    by Dr Charne Gerber

    I have founded the Shiloh Zoe Hope Foundation in Bloemfontein and we are concerned with giving free assisstance (especially medical) to ALL unwanted babies and their mothers pre, intra and post-partum
    It begame very apparent after another baby (Weggooibaba, Volksblad, 11 June 2010) was discarded in a plastic bag at a dustbin/ trashsite, that there is a very distinct need for safely and anonymously delivering unwanted babies
    And immediate neonatal intervention as the antenatal care and sifting is clearily absent. We have joined alliance with Rosepark Life Healthcare and will dv open our Moses Basket drop off baby zone on the 21 June 2010.
    Here ANY unwanted baby/neonate can be placed in a crib in a hospital setting and anonominity is achieved. Our Moses Basket has an alarm device that IMMEDIATELY registers movement and weight from 100grams! The alarm sends out Radio
    Alarms into various stations inside the hospital and cellphone calls (up to 35) simultaneously! The necessary Moses Basket and Pediatric Care in hospital Protocols have been formulated and all the Child Care Authoritie / institutions have been
    notified for the sole combined purpose of immediate Medical intervention and any other assisstance to these unwanted neonates.

    We have seen your precious feet gold broches and we would love to wear and hand these out to our members and at our High School, UFS and CUT functions all scheduled for the first 2 weeks of the third term. This is the “LORDS” project in Bloemfontein and we want to be of service to Him and He’s Creation (Psalm 139)!
    Could I Please order from your organisation for rapidity please. Cost please? God Bless you and your amazing organization!

  • Aug 30th 201201:08
    by NJK Project

    Help “Abort Abortion”. See: http://njkproject.blogspot.ca/2012/04/aborting-abortion.html
    God Bless!

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