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Safe and Legal? The Cost of Abortion to Women

A few months ago, a woman was awarded R500 000 in damages by a Pretoria Court because of a botched abortion, which resulted in an emergency hysterectomy and left her unable to bear any more children.

The woman claimed the damages from Dr GMM Leeuw, who was on duty on January 22 1999 when she went to the Marie Stopes Clinic in Pretoria for an abortion. The woman said Leeuw examined her and told her he could perform the abortion. Continue reading →

What can you do?

Pray Daily for an end to abortion, for women tempted to have abortions, for doctors and nurses, for legislators, for clergy, for those who work in the pro-life movement, and for those who do not realize how wrong abortion is. Form pro-life prayer teams or prayer groups in homes or parishes. “Spiritually adopt” an unborn child, praying for him/her throughout a nine-month period. Perform acts of fasting and self-denial.

Read! Be more informed about abortion from such books as Abortion: Questions and Answers, by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke (Available from Pro-life, tel. 021-552 3850 along with other resources)

Wear the “Precious Feet” pin, which shows the baby’s feet at 10 weeks after conception. (Available from Pro-Life)

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Abortion And The Rights Of Women

“Abortion does not address the basic inequalities, such as poverty and unequal pay, that make a woman believe she cannot have a baby. It’s a cheap fix that leaves the woman as poor and oppressed as she ever was, while politicians claim to have struck a blow for women’s rights and the doctors go home $250 richer.”

–Jane Thomas Bailey

There are many convincing arguments against abortion. One can argue from a religious point of view, that we are made in God’s image and likeness, that we are created with an individual destiny and purpose and that respect for life is a basic tenant of most religious faiths.

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