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Difference, disability & discrimination

Prenatal screening, followed by selective abortion for disability, is fast becoming the norm in many societies.  Not only is such a practice widely accepted, but increasingly expected, so that those parents, who decline to undergo testing, or to abort their disabled child, are becoming the exception to the rule.

It is necessary to investigate this trend specifically within the context of the wider abortion debate for a number of reasons.  Firstly, many “soft” pro-life advocates view disability to various degrees as one of the exceptional cases in which abortion, which is otherwise a great evil, may be morally acceptable.  This viewpoint has its parallel in legislation – abortion law is often made by the “hard cases”, one of which is the disability of the unborn child, so that the legalization of abortion for this reason, and in other tragic circumstances such as rape and incest, often precedes the legislation of abortion on demand. .

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