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Pro-Life South Africa – A Short History

Why has Pro-Life been formed?

A society that accepts the right to kill infants in the womb because they might be unwanted, imperfect or merely inconvenient, will have little difficulty in eventually, and logically, accepting the right to kill other human beings who might be felt to be unwanted, imperfect or merely inconvenient.

Pro-Life will publicly uphold the sanctity of human life and will oppose abortion, mercy-killing and genocide when propagated.

What is Pro-Life?

Pro-Life is a body for concerned people regardless of sex, race, culture, religion or politics who seek to ensure that society upholds its respect for human life.

Pro-Life is primarily an educational body seeking to inform people of true facts about unborn children, abortion and euthanasia including the medical, moral, social and psychological consequences.

Pro-Life is not a welfare agency, but it encourages its members to support welfare agencies working for distressed pregnant women, for children, handicapped people and the elderly.

Pro-Life South Africa’s beginning.

Prior to the promulgation of South Africa’s first abortion law, and even after abortion in certain circumstances became legal in March 1975, there was fierce opposition from South African people.

In 1976, Member of Parliament Graham McIntosh, unhappy with the new developments, invited the founder of “Birthright” Louise Summerhill, a Canadian, to speak in Cape Town about her work.   From this lecture was born the steering committee of Pro-Life culminating in the birth of Pro-Life South Africa in June 1977.

Pro-Life’s involvements and achievements.

Participation in Radio talks and Television presentations; distribution of literature, videos and DVD’s; assisting schools with pamphlets promoting chastity; compiling newsletters and e-letters and referring abortion-minded mothers to good pro-life counsellors.


  • Mar 9th 201110:03
    by Helen Loots

    Do you have any powerpoint presentations / slides showing human life from conception and then showing the different types of abortion. Needed for a high school presentation.

  • Jan 19th 201215:01
    by Ruth Box

    I thought that I was “pro-life” until I looked into the reality of abortions and came to understand a little more fully how society has abused the gift of life and fallen into utter disrepair. Of late, I’ve found myself somewhat discontented at the notion of not being able to do something – anything – to fight against abortion. My desire to be somewhat more pro-active in the cause of protecting life (all those little ripped up babies) has motivated me to stop muttering about how I am against abortion and to try follow through with some action. Surely there are groups to whom I can add my voice?

  • Apr 6th 201213:04
    by Christo Pretorius

    I urgently wish to contact other active pro-life-Christians in and around Newcastle, KZN!!! I have some copies of the award-winning 33-minute DVD, “180″, to be distributed for FREE (May NOT be sold!!!) to anyone interested!!! As the label on the DVD says: “33 minutes that will rock your world!” (Actually, an understatement!!)

    Anyone interested, please contact me at cppp7444@gmail.com !!

    God bless, as we put on the FULL armour of God!!
    Christo Pretorius

  • May 18th 201213:05
    by Duncan

    In response to the above two posts…..www.liveaction.org

  • Sep 8th 201213:09
    by mike

    I am moved by rate of arbotions in the FREE STATE were I stay. I want to do something and how can I be of help?

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